That flea ridden dog has nothing on my Townie bike

Anyone who has known my husband and I for long know that we like to ride bikes. In the past we have done several long rides on our road bikes. My husband still has his Giant Defy1 racing bike and his mountain bike with us. I just took along my Townie.

On our last day in Texas we decided to ride around on our bikes and get some last minute sight seeing in. The hubby on his mountain bike and me on my Townie . Heading out from the campground we turned left and headed out in the country enjoying wild flowers and that wonderful aroma of cows and fresh plowed sod .

 We rode past the Community (bible thumping, snake shaking) All Souls Welcome church, past old worn down shanties that had more possessions strewn across the front yard than could ever fit inside. Just about every house had a dog hanging around the front porch and a goat tied to a tree.

Except the worn out trailer on blocks we just past, their saliva slinging mange riddled dog decided to bare his teeth and start chasing us.

Now I should mention I have never had my 7 gear Townie past the 3rd gear. At my age I prefer to ride at a nice leisurely pace and not stress the old ticker.  Having that dog chase us I found all the gears and used them.  Something about being chased makes that fight or flight kick in. Flight was our first choice. If we fell off our bikes then we would start fighting.

That old dogs ticker told him to stop chasing us and we came to a rest a mile down the road. No way could we return that way. What set out to be a leisure ride turned out to be a 15 mile one. Thanks to that dog I know I can use all the gears and get my heart rate up to 200.


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