How to become a Texan

We have been parked in Livingston, Texas for the last 3 weeks while we establish our Texas domicile. When you decide to become a full time RV crazy person they recommend three states to set up your domicile, South Dakota, Texas and Florida.

We decided on Texas and Livingston has the Escapees RV Club. This is an excellent organization for RVer’s when it comes to these sort of things. They have Clubs and Parks all over the US. The first thing you have to do is set up a mailing address for proof of residency and for mail service. The Escapes RV club will help you with that (for a small price).

Next step we thought was to go to the BMV to get our license changed. Hold up there cowpoke they said. First you have to go to the Polk county tax assessor office and get your vehicles registered. Y’all just go down that street turn left at the pawn shop next to Bubba’s Barbecue and your there.

Easy enough, get there and find out we need to have our vehicles inspected first. Once that is done the clerk said, bring back the paper work and we can get y’all set up. God bless and have a nice day. We have heard the word “y’all” more times in the last three weeks than in our entire lives…combined!

We found a hole in the wall auto window tinting place around the alley that would check the auto. $7.00 and we are done in 5 minutes. What do we do about getting the 40 ft RV checked? Y’all can just bring it in and park it up the street then we can check it out. Back to the RV park we went. Put everything away, pull the slides in, disconnect water, sewer, electric. Jacks up, and an hour later we head back to town.

Once there they start checking lights and we have a running light out on the top of the RV. Can’t pass inspection. Greg has to climb up on the roof cut around the seal on the light walk down the street to an auto shop replace the bulb. Another $7.00 and we head back to the park. The worst part is we took a wrong turn and had to squeeze through a Sonic drive thru. Greg only left a small amount of RV paint on their dumpster.

Next we find out Greg has to have a CDL recreational vehicle license and drive the RV for the instructor. It seems like this bad dream just keeps getting worse. After studying the info packet he finds out he has to not only perform two back up maneuvers but parallel park this beast! Seriously how often is that going to happen?

 The day of his test I was banned from going along so I hung out at Livingston Lake State park. He was back in a few hours beaming that he passed, almost a little POed that, although he did have to back up (only about 20′), he didn’t have to parallel park…AT ALL!

Yee-haw, pass the biscuts and gravy we are officially Texans.


4 thoughts on “How to become a Texan

  1. jim & debbie anderson

    So glad that trial is behind you. BTW – Tyler suggests you do a Vlog! Apparently that’s a video blog. Think you’re up for that?


  2. Whew! We did the same in Florida (minus the driving test)–couldn’t believe all the hoops, especially since we were Florida residents! Glad you got that all finished. We are currently in Austin visiting my husband’s parents. Gotta love those Texans, y’all! Safe travels, Dawn


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