Living in 300 square feet of pure joy, (read as pure hell).

When we were  getting ready to take off on our journey of living in an RV some people were taking bets on how long we would last.  It has been 6 months and I am still amazed at times that we are still talking to one another. Now granted I speak left-handed dyslexic blonde and he speaks some other language but we are still able to understand each others grunts, groans and eye rolling .

If there is any type of tension in your relationship it becomes magnified when you spend the day rebreathing each others air; and snoring in each others face all night.

There are no doors to slam when you get in a disagreement, no stomping off to the next room, your already in it.

If you want to live in a tiny house or an RV you need to learn to give and take, and to realize that none of us is perfect. It will take  work on both ends to make this life work. We can get so frustrated with one another and look at each other like we just landed here from another planet and have no clue how we got here. What I am trying to say is, this type of life can be difficult on any relationship even if you don’t think it will.  Some days communicating is like rubbing sandpaper on an open wound.

But then you look at your partner and you remember what drew you together in the first place and you realize that there will come a time that you wish they were still snoring in your ear keeping you awake at night and breathing in your face. Life is what you make it, you learn to give and take, to take the bad times and the good times. Without the friction you cannot enjoy the good times.

Don’t let the fear of possible conflict and discomfort keep you from jumping from your comfort zone into a new an exciting life. Growth as a couple and as an individual  can not be made in a stagnant environment. Dare to change for tomorrow is promised to no one.


17 thoughts on “Living in 300 square feet of pure joy, (read as pure hell).

  1. Melanie Pool

    This is perfect, the reality of living in a small space with your loved one. I truly enjoyed seeing you two living in your small space and witnessed first hand how you’ve both learned to cope with the “friction”. I must say it’s very impressive how you live together breathing the same air! Great read Roxanne! ps love the photo too.


  2. Judy Spahn

    I would not make it. No way! Married 48 years and have the wisdom to know I MUST have some distance from husband. That said, should you be near Flippin/Yellville, AR, come on by. Your RV can be hooked up to electric and water, and your husband can stay out there…..while you come inside to visit me! I can even encourage Mark to go to the RV for a man_chat!
    My invitation is open-ended…..just let me know. Meanwhile, happy travels…and good luck!


  3. Sharon Sikkenga

    Love reading of your travels Roxie. One of my favorite part is that you found out your stuff wasn’t worth sh__. Might not be worded correctly but I loved the part when you were preparing to downsize.


  4. So true. We worked from home in our sticks and bricks, so we have learned over the years when to tread lightly and allow some space. We crossed over into the RV relatively easily, but it amazes me how much more we communicate honestly and quickly when stuff is bothering us–it seems some sort of survival mode has kicked in. It’s made our relationship richer, and I’m thankful for that–and him. Great post. Thank you! Dawn


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