How not to tow a car

When we started our journey into living full-time  in an RV we knew nothing about it other than reading a few articles online and on Facebook.  The person we bought our RV from tried to educate us as best he could in the short amount of time we had before hitting the road.

One of the things you need to decide is if you want to tow a car behind you. Well of course we did, how else could we manage to take 4 bikes and 2 kayaks along. To tow a car you need to have a contraption bolted to the front of your car and the other part of the thing-a-majig attached to the back of the RV. Once attached, you need to run an electric cable from both ends to make sure your lights work. OK so far so good.

Next you have to attach what is called a brake buddy, which is a brake assist system.  After towing for several hours you need to run your car through park, 1st 2nd, 3rd while having the parking brake on, then re-hook the brake buddy and disengage the brake.

My dear husband is never phased by much and said piece of cake, I have this, don’t worry. We stayed overnight in the parking lot of a store and got up the next morning to head down the road for breakfast. When we excited our RV we could both smell burning rubber, turns out we wern’t towing our car we were dragging it.

NEVER forget to take the parking brake off. This leads to another important thing always have a money cushion when starting out for any unforeseeable repairs.

All pictures where deleted to protect my marriage.


5 thoughts on “How not to tow a car

  1. Debbie Anderson

    Giggles. Sometimes the best lessons in life are learned the hard way. I am enjoying your trips almost as much as you are.

    Love you.


  2. Oh, we learned that same lesson and in the same way. Thankfully, it was just for a few feet and in our old neighborhood (before we went full time), but still required new tires. Great advice regarding having a money cushion, we learned that out of the gate, too. 🙂 Glad the pictures were deleted–sometimes just the memories are enough. Wishing you safe travels and rolling wheels! Dawn


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