What were we thinking.

What would happen if you looked at your life from a different angle? What if what’s considered normal isn’t what you want anymore? Do you really need all that they say you do to live a meaningful life?

We found ourselves working long hours then coming home and working to keep up with our house and possessions. We lived in an area where people came to vacation yet we were too busy to really enjoy it. After some serious thought we decided to leave it all behind  and travel the country in a 350 sq. ft. RV.

What in the hell were we thinking.

Do you have any idea how much fun it is to rid a 3,700 sq. ft. home of all your worldly possessions? What we found out the hard way is no one wants your shit for the price you think it’s worth. We had yard sales, gave things away to family and donated to charity. Finally, we had a small pile in the living room that we thought was truly a noble accomplishment on our part.

Not so.

Move in day: the RV is groaning under the weight, there is no more room to put anything and we realize we need to get rid of more. This is not fun, we had whittled down to what we felt we couldn’t live without and it was still too much.Two more trips to the donation center and we are off.


Now the fun really starts, stay tuned….


7 thoughts on “What were we thinking.

  1. Melanie

    What an accomplishment! And now look at you two, you are off and running without all the headaches of homeownership, jobs, and the rat race. Can’t wait to see the transition and travel.


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